Order Giclée Prints

Giclée Prints

Giclée, (meaning, to spray, in French) prints have become the highest quality art reproduction available. Most of the world’s art museums, galleries, and art collectors readily accept archival giclées without reservation.

First, with great detail and corner-to-corner sharpness, a moving table fine art camera digitally scans the original painting. The images are then saved in a digital file and can be reproduced in any size, using state-of-the-art professional fine art printers. The prints are extremely true to the original. I am especially happy with my giclée prints because they capture the vibrant quality of color I use in my silk paintings.

Using pigmented ink and fine art watercolor paper, if properly displayed out of direct sunlight, giclée prints should last more than 100 years without fading or color shifting. This up-to-date technological process is a boon to artists not only because of the incredible likeness to the original, but also because the digital file can be stored and images can be printed in small quantities.

Please contact the artist for sizes and prices of original paintings on silk. Approximate sizes for giclée reproductions:

Approximate sizes and prices for giclée reproductions, printed on mounted canvas, unless otherwise requested:
$150 for 10 X 14
$500 for 28 X 36

Custom sizes available at your request. Originals available for some paintings. Contact Renée for information.